Inspirational Stories

Shared Stories

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Pillars of Change

My First Job focuses on four key pillars of change:

  • Job seeker support
  • Employer support
  • Inspiration
  • Government call to action

Job Seeker Support

  • Advice and information on becoming job ready
  • Advice on how to present positively to obtain employment
  • Advice and information on finding job vacancies
  • Advice on how to keep a job once having gained it

Employer Support

  • Advice and support on accessing subsidies and incentives for entry level positions suitable for young people
  • Support to employers to recruit and retain people in entry-level positions
  • Information on and access to support pre-employment and other training programs
  • Advice and support for employers to understand young people and how they participate, interact and behave in today’s labour market


A platform to inform and inspire young people through sharing the stories and journeys of others who have succeeded in their careers.

Provides testimonials from the wider community to inspire job seekers, sharing where a person started out and where they are now. From everyday people to celebrities and reaching across all demographics, geographies and industries, the My First Job Inspirational Stories provide an opportunity for all Australians to show how much is possible.

Call to action

SYC seeks an Australian Government commitment to halve youth unemployment by 2020 led by a dedicated Minister for Youth Employment.

Youth employment issues cannot be tackled in isolation, but with a dedicated portfolio for a Cabinet-level minister, these issues will be at the forefront of Government’s thinking and priorities.

Importantly, the Minister for Youth Employment will link issues across a range of portfolios including education, further education, training, housing, health and social and community services with a mandate to deliver real solutions that reduce youth employment. All of these policy areas have substantial impacts on the transitional abilities of a young person to become an independent and self-sufficient member of Australian society.