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Quentin Rendell

Posted 23.08.13

One of the best aspects of my first job was the camaraderie or mateship with fellow employees.
Lynda Turner

Posted 16.08.13

My first job, working in retail in a hardware store, lead me to manage the largest hardware store in South Australia.
Cassandra Stringer

Posted 14.08.13

Crazy Prices taught me how to provide excellent customer service, working in high pressure environments, conflict resolution, and most importanly how to conduct myself in a business environment.
Paul Hedges

Posted 13.08.13

Not only did my first job give me valuable pocket money but it taught me the importance of good customer service which has helped me considerably in my career.
Glenn Hickling

Posted 12.08.13

My first job gave me a real insight into running a small business.
Barbara Kingi

Posted 08.08.13

My first job ever was weeding tomatoe's during the school holdiays when I was 12 for $3.50 an hour
Deleine  Gavin-Cox

Posted 08.08.13

I approached my school Principal and offered to mow his lawns for $25 each time.
Tim Acason

Posted 07.08.13

I have realised that no opportunity is wasted if you will keep looking forward, and there is always something you can learn and take away from it.